The Web-Slinging Tourist: Episode 4


Want to know my browser history for the past week or so?
Here’s what I’ve been interacting with on the wild world web as the web-slinging tourist!


Ingenius Advertising

Just a collection of 20 guerrilla advertising ideas that I wish I saw in real life.



Sam surprised me with the collection to cheer me up. I have never been better cheered up by any one site in my life.

If Only For A Second

20 Cancer patients are given a secret makeover and photographed in the first couple of seconds that they see themselves. Touching.


A Break Up, Tweeted.

This remarkable bit of social observation was carried about by Kyle Ayers as he live tweeted a couple breaking up. Interesting that everyone works towards social media being the best representation of you, but anyone has the opportunity to make that representation. Particularly when you are loudly arguing on an occupied rooftop.


Rob Osborne, Geek Artist

I was caught up in Star Wars fandom when I found these Star Wars characters in Yoga poses and then even more pleased to discover their created, Rob Osborne, has an amazing array of geek referencing artwork available on Etsy and a supercool tumblr.

Also, this is a thing

Yes it’s actual Star Wars Yoga. Best mash up of fandom and exercise ever!


Joe Jonas, unplugged

I thought this would be a bit of a boring read but actually it’s surprising titillating. Read about Joe’s drug intake with Miley and Demi and the pressure pot of emotions inside the Jonas Bros.

Shift in Perspective

This is an interesting first person, long read by Jenny Kutner describing her intense relationship with a teacher during the early years of high school. In some ways, she is presenting it as though it wasn’t that bad a thing; he was a young (*married*) teacher and always good to her. The article shows lovely progression in scope as the author learns more about life.


Music Blogging and Ranting

This is a post by Michael Gungor that revisits an older blog of his that keeps being brought back to life by the internet. He talks about his feelings, the music industry and some deep thinking ideas.

Mean Elves

This is a must see mash up of Lord of the Rings and Mean Girls. So Fetch.

Mary Lambert covers Wheatus’ Teenage Dirtbag

I have never felt so connected to this song. Such a sad cover. Really hits you in the feels. Onya Mary!

Nerdy Love Song

This is one of the greatest little ditties I have seen, played on a Uke and featuring a kitten. DeAnne Smith brings some maths equations, grammar nazi-ing to the traditional love song.


Say No to Not Knowing!

For those people who get a cackle out of punctuation, laugh on.

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