In Vino Veritas

Literally, “In wine, truth.”

From Archaic Greek poetry to Roman philosophy to the ancient proverbs of Russia, China and Iran, this little pearl of wisdom has found its way, in one form or another, into the vernacular of almost every culture on earth. It’s a fact, universally acknowledged, that alcohol loosens the tongue (and the inhibitions) of the imbiber, and – for better or worse – gives voice to the mad or relentlessly honest thoughts they might otherwise have kept locked away in their head.

It can be embarrassing. It can also be extremely liberating.

I think “mad or relentlessly honest” typifies most of the conversations I’ve had with Jess over the past few years. We’re the sort of people who experience moments of drunken clarity even, curiously, when we’re not drunk; we can discuss a film, a game, a book, a frustrating co-worker, a reprehensible politician, religion, sexuality or music with the same passion and transparency, whether we are in total accord or absolutely divided on the subject.

But it was several months ago, at a tapas restaurant in Beaumont Street, when the idea of a website first seriously occurred to us. A group of us were having dinner before a Superjesus concert, and sharing (apart from too much bloody food for four people) a jug of sangria; Jess’ partner Libby, hearing something particularly daft in our discussion, leaned in and said with amusement, “Seriously, you should write all this down.”

It’s taken some time to start putting this site together, but finally it’s more or less formed, squishy and newborn, and ready to take its first steps into the world. We have a few vague ideas as to how it should mature and develop – reviews, discussions, general thoughts – but for the moment, I suppose we’ll just see what shape it decides to take as we continue to add more content.

And by ‘we’, I also mean ‘you’. We want this site to be a place where anyone can express themselves freely, and I’d love to see a lot of different people in here giving their honest thoughts (respectfully, of course).

Friends and family will invariably find their way here, because we’ll emotionally (or quite literally) blackmail the lot of you, but for those who’ve followed a stray hyperlink or just mistyped the URL of another website: stick around! Get to know us. Even if our opinions and beliefs may differ, we’ll endeavour to make them entertaining to read, at the very least.


Welcome to Say it with Sangria, ladies and gentlemen. Pull up a chair. Pour yourself a glass. Just let it all out.


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