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Fashionable in the 20s.

Hugh and Jess. Fashionable in the ’20s.

In vino veritas. Literally, “In wine, truth.”

It’s a fact, universally acknowledged, that alcohol loosens the tongue (and the inhibitions) of the imbiber, and – for better or worse – gives voice to the mad or relentlessly honest thoughts they might otherwise have kept locked away in their head.

It can be embarrassing. It can be extremely liberating.

It can also be the basis of a thousand interesting conversations, as Hugh Milligan and Jess Van Netten have discovered throughout their friendship. A glass of wine can be the catalyst for debate or commiseration over just about anything – as long as it’s entertaining, of course.

And so they created this site: Say it with Sangria, which just means, ‘say it with honesty’.┬áThis is a place for free expression. Everyone has a voice. We’ll talk about whatever interests us – movies, music, games, books, our daily lives and our most heartfelt beliefs – and we encourage you to do the same.


If wine is truth, top it up.

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