The Web-Slinging Tourist: Episode 3


Want to know my browser history for the past week or so?
Here’s what I’ve been interacting with on the wild world web as the web-slinging tourist!


World of Women

Artist David Trumble puts the Disney touch on real life women of note. Perhaps a little American-centered. I’d love to see a Julia Gillard Disney Princess. Or perhaps Caroline Chisholm… any artists out there want to take that on?


Impossible Inventions

Part of GE Focus Forward Films, the Invisible Bike Helmet really gets your cogs turning. I was suitably surprised at the reality of the short film.


Get Me Bodied

I was really touched by this dancing “flash mob” that happened before Deborah’s (an Ob/Gyn) double mastectomy. At a time of great fear, she danced right on through it. If you want to find out more about her story, check out her healing journey online.


Say No To Trolling

Dave Gorman hits back hard at trolls with a flowchart. Feeing a bit mean? Want to post something nasty? Run it through the flowchart first.


Miley Del Rey

I’ve been experiencing some springtime sadness and felt surprisingly comforted by this (non-nude) singer covering one of my whiney go-to girls.


What Makes You

This is a long read about a woman who grew up in a neighbourhood while a rapist was at large. The article can be a bit full on, but really made me reflect on how everything shapes you… how communication with children can create their entire world.


Man Photographs Snowflakes

Alexey Kljatov, Russian Photographer, captures snowflakes. As in, real snowflakes. This post talks about how he made his homemade rig to capture them. The pictures highlight how amazing snowflakes really are. No two are alike. Wow.


Mongolia, Miscarriage and Hope

This is another long read which had me in tears. It’s the powerful self-told story of Ariel Levy, who lost her baby while away on a journalistic assignment. Although this story seems extreme, I think miscarriage is extreme for those involved.


Noir Gallery

This gallery by artist Marko Manev combines two of my favourite things; comics and black and white interpretations. Some of the titles are equally beautiful.


WoW Wedding

Cosplay weddings should be a requirement for all nerds, geeks and fans. These guys had their engagement photos taken dressed as World of Warcraft characters. Genius.

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