The Web-Slinging Tourist: Episode 2


Want to know my browser history for the past week or so?
Here’s what I’ve been interacting with on the wild world web as the web-slinging tourist!


When I ruled the world

As a result of my increase in university work, my passion for education has spilled into my leisure life.


Killing in Kinkade

The artist Kinkade is revered for his peaceful, light filled paintings. The artist Roland Deschane create A New Hope with Star Wars.


Christmas Cheer After 10 Years

Richard Curtis’ original masterpiece Love Actually celebrates 10 years in my life.



Completely mistook this article as being against marriage (based solely on a glance at the title) and went to read it in a rage of my love for marriage. Actually presents a beautiful idea on what I strongly believe is one of the main joys of marriage.


Dancing Cups

Completely over this song. Loved this tap dancing ditty.


So Close You Can Taste It

Mind blowing close encounter images with food… in the name of science!


Who Am I?

Very startling website which compares your personal input to the rest of Australia… if you thought you were unique, test this bad boy out. Thanks Census!


Swimming In The Deep End

Interviews exploring the historical accuracy and research behind Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag (my current game crush).

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