The Web-Slinging Tourist: Episode 1


As it turns out, I do a lot of internet browsing during the week, mostly before I get out of bed in the morning. During these adventures, I find myself stopping to look at the most interesting things, much like a tourist. So, I’ve decided to share with my broader internet family some happy snaps from my browsing this week. Let me introduce: The Web-Slinging Tourist. (For real tourist action that involves physical travel, check out Ruth’s post.)


Modern Oronyms

Enjoy this gallery. Google oronyms.


An Ethical Pickle

With the release of GTA5, traditional arguments were rehashed about the nature of the game.


She’s Just Being Jod-ie

Jodie Foster, the woman everyone loves to hate, has her biography presented through chronological film breakdowns. (PS I Love You Jodie Foster!)


Spy Games

Initially realistic, an idea of life if observed by an outsider (in this case the NSA)


Write A Novel No-One Expects

Profile of Elizabeth Gilbert, with a focus of her new novel “The Signature of All Things.”


Melodic Gunfire

The effort Rockstar has put into the GTA5 soundtrack and how this influences gameplay.


Farewell Mel, Hello Adam

Delightfully honest profile of Adam Boland with exploration of the Sunrise phenomenon and how Wake Up will rise above it all.


Carbs Can’t Be Gay!

Topical Buzzfeed on the Pasta debacle.


  1. I love the random links you send me first thing in the morning, haha. The New Yorker article about GTA 5 is something we’ve talked about before, and will no doubt continue to discuss.

    I still don’t get the pasta one though. That shit is weird.

  2. I mean, the spaghetti is only straight until it gets a little liquid encouragement. Then it’ll wrap itself around anything.

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