Snickers’ Hungry Builders

Snickers lastest ad campaign in Australia builds on the “You’re not you when you’re hungry”. Set on a Melbourne construction site, a bunch of builders (actors) call out to passing women on the street. Instead of yelling out sexist comments or wolf whistling, the men are calling out pro-feminist pick up lines.

While I appreciate the sentiments of the add, I don’t like the stereotype it’s reinforcing. So when these ‘builders’ are hungry, they turn into decent human beings. They suddenly understand women and what they want. When they have Snickers, presumably they turn back into sexist, wolf-whistling jerks. Is the point of this ad; to infer that eating Snickers makes you sexist?

The ad is already getting a lot of attention. It’s working the way that advertising giants Clemenger BBDO Melbourne intended. Whether you agree or not, people are talking about it. It’s gone viral.

I wonder if a better ad would have been for the builders to eat Snickers at the beginning and then become these eloquent Prince Charmings. How powerful would that statement of been! Wives would be rushing out to buy Snickers for their husbands! Yet again, the equal gender rights ideal bears a patriarchal stamp of smugness as women are expected to feel empowered by hungry men yelling at them.

Well done, Snickers, for leaning the ‘heroics’ of combatting equal rights to try and sell chocolate. I’d love to see a powerful campaign like this one (from Switzerland) where an ATM gave men 20% less than they asked for, demonstrating and raising awareness about the 20% gap in equal pay over there.

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