Cooking With Corrie: Oma’s Macaroni Recipe


This is a recipe for Macaroni that my Oma made all of us when we were little.  It’s a great recipe to cook when you have nothing left in the fridge as all the ingredients (except the eggs) live in the pantry, so you can stock up in case of emergencies (every other week at our house)! I’m not sure if it’s her own recipe, but I love it.


My Oma used to own a corner store at Edgeworth, where I believe she stocked the ingredients (hence the specificity of tinned items). She also had many mouths to feed, with 7 children and various ring ins. I have scaled this recipe for 4 people but it can easily be doubled or quadrupled as required.

Oma’s Macaroni


Serves 4

You Will Need: 

1 x  tin Spam

1 x tin Tomato Supreme

4 x eggs, whipped lightly

1 x packet Macaroni



What To Do:

1. Boil water on stovetop, with a little bit of salt, before adding the macaroni

Spiced Ham

2. While macaroni is cooking, cut Spam into slices and pan fry in butter (or healthier alternative) until crisp on the outside

3. Remove Spam from the pan and pour in the eggs (using same pan, butter and juices to cook in)

4. Cube the Spam. As soon as eggs are cooked (like a plain omelette) remove from pan and slice.

5. Macaroni should be about ready, drain liquid away and return macaroni to its original pan.

…because tomato with onion doesn’t sound as fancy

6. Add the cubed Spam, eggs and Tomato Supreme to the pasta and mix thoroughly while still over heat.

7. Serve, with dashes of the secret ingredient: Maggi Original Seasoning.

The silent champion of this dish

The silent champion of this dish

8. Be delighted.





Optional Extras

If you are a fan of mushrooms, you can add a tin of sliced champignons when mixing all ingredients.

If you are in severe desperate times, you can make without eggs and with frozen veggies.

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