Recipe – Leave Your Lover Chicken Soup


This is a delicious chicken soup that I invented to feed my woman one time when she was quite sick.

I made it with so much love and passion, I felt like I was buzzing as I threw all the ingredients in.

I wanted to cure her with a good old chicken soup but at the same time, I wanted to delight her senses.

Strong ginger takes your breath away as love throughout the ages has. Coriander and lime adds a zesty spice that is reminiscent of exotic adventures. The warmth of chicken soup fills every inch of an unwell body and delights the soul.

I love the idea that food made with love passes that love onto the eater.

I think this soup is so good, you could give it to your ‘crush’ and demand, in the stylings of Sam Smith, that they leave their lover for you!

In my case, Libby devoured it, with some toasty bread and butter and I’d love for your family to enjoy it too.

Leave Your Lover Chicken Soup

Feeds: At least 6
Chicken soup ingredients
To get:
2 x 1 L chicken stock
1 bunch coriander
sprinkle of chopped chilli
chunk of ginger
6 small garlic cloves
two shallot heads
half celery
whole chicken
baby Choy sum
2 onions
salt and pepper
two giant mushrooms (or five smaller)
Half lime
To Do:
Put a soup pot on high heat
Add one litre of chicken stock
Stuff whole chicken with handful coriander and 3 garlic cloves (chopped)
Put chicken in soup pot
Grate ginger into pot
Add chopped up remaining garlic
Add chopped onion and shallot heads
Pour half litre chicken stock over the top of the chicken
Add mushrooms, celery (including heart), stems of Choy sum
Add lime rind (grate in)
Cut the lime into 4 pieces and place in pot
Pour remaining stock and stir 
Cook for 1.5 hours on high heat
Turn chicken every half hour
Grab chicken out
Carefully remove all bones and put chicken meat back in soup
(I usually do this in a large plastic container, stripping the meat off with a fork and then using my hands as I get down to the tiny bones)
Leave your lover Chicken Soup
Cook until you are ready to eat !
(or at least another half hour)
We store this in the fridge and eat over a few days. It tastes better the next day!
Add or subtract spices and herbs to your own taste. If you don’t like chilli, leave it out. If you like to spice things up, add some extra chilli!

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