Why I Will Never Be The “Perfect” Girl

The answer, my friends, is Miranda.


“What, pray tell, is Miranda?” you ask? You are a fool for asking. It, and she, is the reason why I am completely content with being me. Miranda is why I get to laugh at my own single-dom and shrug off the fact that I will never fit into a mould of what women are ‘meant’ to be.


We struggle daily with being cool around our girlfriends, spending time alone in our apartments trying to entertain ourselves (cue “biscuit blizzard”: see below), dealing successfully with relationship and romance issues, food consumption, exercise and keeping ourselves looking ‘trim’, and of course, our parents.


We’ve had our predecessors, examples of the classic of “individual” such as Zooey Deschanel and Lena Dunham, but I don’t believe that either truly capture the essence of a woman that doesn’t quite ‘fit’ in such a way as the Miranda Hart. And it’s not just because, for once, it’s not some American woman we’re basing our relative quirkiness off. She is the ABSOLUTE example, the EPITOME of woman, I believe. I mean if not, I’ve really gotta cut back on the late night kebabs eating whilst dancing to ‘Boogie Wonderland’ in my socks.


Every episode combines every issue a woman in today’s age has, and celebrates them. Highlighting, most importantly, what women get up to when they’re alone.


Unfortunately (or rather, fortunately), I don’t think I can explain successfully with words, so I’ll leave my late night/second hangover of the weekend search of Tumblr gifs to do the talking. Bonne soirée.











Update: Jess saw Miranda Hart live at the Seymour Centre Sydney Australia as part of her My, What I Call, Live ShowCheck out her review here.



  1. Ruth it’s like you looked into my heart and spoke my truth! Miranda and I, I feel, are what I call kindred spirits. Everything she does makes sense to me.

    I have at this very second a bunch of screenshots on my desktop of an episode I just rewatched, which I will turn into tumblr goodness.

    She is everything I want to be in life; funny, tall, impromptu. Occasionally a world class gymnast.

    We are going to see her in Sydney in Feb. The countdown begins!

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