Our [Lesbian] Wedding – Riverwood Downs

Jess & Libby


5th September 2015

 When it comes to weddings, the internet is full of ideas (Hello, Pinterest) but when it comes to lesbian weddings, the specifics get a bit blurry. Most importantly, as a couple, we needed to decide on a few key points.

Things Jess Wanted

Things Libby Wanted

 – Large group of family and friends
 – Live music
 – Fun, ‘us’ elements
 – Ceremony that reflected us
 – To wear a dress
 – Plenty of food
 – A memorable invite
 – Representation of loved ones
 – Small group of family and friends
 – Live music
 – Outdoor location 
 – Fun, ‘us’ elements
 – To not wear a dress
 – Plenty of food
 – A wooden sign (more on this later!)
 – Representation of loved ones


My already married sister Beth and my dad Jack met with us to discuss the logistics and plans. 


Location: Riverwood Downs, Barrington Tops, NSW, Australia (Link)
Photography: Aidan Gageler Photography (Link)
Celebrant: Close Friend Anne-Marie Siswoyo
Service: Custom Written Crowd Pronounces Couple Ceremony (Link)

[Disclaimer: I don’t think there is any difference between a wedding and a “lesbian wedding” but for the ease of others finding out about our experience, I have included the key word]

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