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My Starting Line

At the beginning of the new year, plenty of people make resolutions and only 8% achieve success (in America, anyway). I’ve never been a fan of new year resolutions… I mean, every day is a new day so there’s ongoing opportunities for a new you.

That being said, I often make personal changes very slowly. Even if it’s something that is screeching for my attention (e.g. the brakes on my car), it might take a while for me to take action (e.g. a couple of months).

So early in this new year, on a Tuesday, I lazily browsed the Sunday paper. One article caught my eye and kept my interest. Jessica, a finance expert, had been on a ‘weight loss mission’ for 3 years and wrote a book about her journey. What really caught my attention was the first couple of paragraphs, where she talks about being a “creeper” with weight just slowly being gained over time.

I have never really actively investigated what I eat. One time my doctor asked me  to record what I ate for a week and the results were shocking: it was basically a dessert menu.  The next week I just didn’t write anything down.


Rice Cream – how is this not healthy?


I also naively wanted to believe that simply doing everyday activities would be enough exercise to be healthy. This theory proves inaccurate all the time, when I run out of breath walking to my car.

With all this in mind, I put down the newspaper and really had a look at myself. I wasn’t comfortable in my skin and I was frustrated by the lack of clothing choices for my shape and weight. I don’t want to be unfit when I eventually decide to have kids.

I decided to start the journey of making a fitter me.

I want to be physically and mentally fitter.

At the end of last year, two of the most important women in my life passed away. Dealing with the grief really set off my panic disorder and reignited by anxiety and depression. As anyone who has suffered anxiety and depression knows, there is no single solution that will fix you. But I don’t want to be again pulled down to the dark places that strip you of your dignity and self-respect.

I want to keep a positive mindset and a clear headspace.

I want to be physically and mentally fitter.

I know everyone has different hangups about their weight. Everyone has a unique experience with exercise. I’m not claiming to have any of the right answers for anyone else but myself. I also think if you are happy in your own skin and you are being the best person you can be, you are beautiful.


My Training


Shoes for success


I really have only general ideas about how to be fitter all over. I have an iPhone, which is with me constantly. Why not use that iPhone as a tool on my fit journey? I downloaded some apps, which I will review in separate posts, and really just started.

Thursday 9th January 2014. This was the first day of the physically and mentally fitter me. My first weigh in was 100kgs. My BMI (with height of 175cm) is 32 and I am obese.

After nearly two weeks, I am 97kgs and my BMI has dropped to 31. I am still obese. But I am already much happier.

I plan to keep up my level of motivation and awareness, increase my exercise and enjoy healthier foods.


The Future


Looking back is only allowed in photos


I encourage you to join me on this journey as I face personal challenges and change my life.

I’ll keep you posted as I discover more things about food, fitness and mindfulness.

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