So what is this term “iPhoneography”?

Well for me it would be taking a picture with the iPhone, then editing the photo on your phone, and finally sharing your photo with the likes of Instagram or any other photo sharing app.




My passion for iPhoneography started in early 2011 when I witnessed the birth of our first son Liam. I didn’t have an iPhone to capture the event at the time, (it was however captured with my nikon cool pix), but Liam was part of the influence that it took hold. The other part of the equation was that I was selling iPhones for work (never had one before) so in order to understand them better, and why these phones where so popular, I thought I better purchase one myself. It was an iPhone 4 and what a marriage made in heaven! This device was attached to me twenty four seven. My poor one year old iMac took a step back from the curtain and then fell off the steps back stage, as the iPhone shone brightly in the spotlight.

The next part of this iPhoneography story is when I joined Instagram and uploaded my first photo. Yep, you guessed it; a picture of Liam some 126 weeks ago according to Instagram.

First post 1


Now, I don’t know if it is still the same, but when I first signed up for Instagram I was kindly offered some suggested users to follow, and one of them was a fine gent with the user name Doc Pop (Doctor Popular).


doc Pop


This creative fellow had started his own a hashtag #appsperiment and was uploading photos regularly that had been edited with many different apps. But more importantly he gave the description of the process he used, and the names of the apps that were used.

Wow, what great effects he was making and all done on the iPhone! So now began my play and experimentation. I had my main subject (thanks Liam) and with the phone held in one hand, daddy day care could continue on. I didn’t have to go to another room to sit at a computer with my back turned (brings back images of my dad, but hey that’s another story altogether). I could relax on the lounge, have my son there (early years people – Liam was mostly eating, sleeping and crying) and I could be creating something at the same time. Who said I couldn’t multitask?

Bam! Take that Mum.


And so it began…

appsperiment 1

appsperiment 2

These early #appsperiment attempts were even liked by the man Doc Pop himself.


So now I have an Instagram account with 850 photos (and counting!) and Liam has turned out pretty well. I mean, people have said so and he hasn’t developed a feeling of neglect as far as I can tell. If anything he has become used to this flat rectangle device placed in his face and he now even gives the appropriate “Cheese” in his cute little voice.

So where does this second marriage take me? If it’s okay with you, I might do a regular thing here at Sangria where I will attempt to open your creative mind with new apps to explore, ideas to take your phone where one has never been before, explore new worlds and civilisations, and boldly go where….hang on… To share ideas, and help bring your Instagram photos to the next level.

Whad’ya say?

Doesn’t matter, I’m doing it anyway!

Doctor Dave

Instagram profile


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