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Well hello fellow budding snappers! How was your Christmas and New Year? Plenty of iPhone pics no doubt; hopefully some nice ones relaxing by the beach? Or possibly some awkward family moments have been captured perhaps… Either way I’m sure some of those best pics need a little touching up and that is where I want start today – the Basics 101.

Firstly I would only recommend editing your best pictures; there is only so much you can do with out of focus, or blurred by movement shots. Now I am assuming you all know you can tap to focus right? Or use your headphones volume controls to take those snaps? Personally I like using the screen button to take my shots, I’m not really a young headphone wearing hipster. And if you are like me, using the volume controls on the phone will more than likely add movement and make the shot blurred.

Composition and using the rule of thirds is also important to think about when snapping, having your main subject to one side will look better than centre. Also think about what’s behind your main subject in the middle-ground, and background.


The main stablemate/go-to-first app I have used in the past is Filterstorm‘Filterstorm’, and I still use it regularly. It features your basic exposure, contrast, brightness, straighten and saturation controls. Cropping first is also important to think about doing if you are planning to post to the likes of Instagram, otherwise you may be adjusting things that may not be in your final image. ‘Filterstorm’ also has some handy advanced editing tools like Blur, adding exposures with different types of blending, a nice sharpening and noise reduction adjustments as well. The export feature is also adjustable. I tend to use the highest setting which can support up to 22 MP.


Some other good apps I have been using recently are:


Snapseed‘Snapseed’:  a nice simple touch interface without your conventional slider interface. It now also has a nice HDR editing feature which can produce a High Dynamic Range Effect producing more detail and saturation of colours.




‘Snapseed’ using the HDR effect

snapseed hdr 1


snapseed hdr 2



Afterlight‘Afterlight’: a clarify adjustment adding detail, a shadows and highlights control, and shadows, midtones and highlight tint controls are nice addition. It also has many different framing borders available with different shapes, with sizing adjustments





Shot taken with the built in pano and edited with ‘Afterlight’

Afterlight Pano


 The circle border made with ‘Afterlight’ and text added using the ‘Over’ app

afterlight circle



VSCOcam‘VSCOcam’ this is a recent favourite of mine, with the ability to get a more softer light look to your photos. A nice fade and grain adjustments, skin tone and highlights and shadows tint control enabling you to produce your own filter effects.




A nice soft light filter effect using ‘VSCOcam’

 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset



‘VSCOcam’ and getting low for your photography (what a combo)

vscocam and low



Have a play. Hopefully you’re a kinesthetic learner like myself, so you can learn from your mistakes. Just get in there and adjust to what looks good to you. Knowing what adjustments you can make will enable you with ideas when taking your shots.

It’s a good habit to start editing with the basic tools first, and then you can run your photo through some different apps producing some nice effects.



Your iPhone is a small device and you can get angles and shot positions just not possible on your DSLR camera. Think outside the square, think of your phone as a natural extension to your arm. For example, one of my favourite shot types is getting low by placing the top of your phone on the ground, and by adjusting the angle you can change the focus point.

Some of my recent ‘get low’ shots

get low recent


Get low recent 2


Hopefully I have inspired your inner photographer and you will be pleased with the results you can attain. I would love to see your get low shots! You can post below or post to Instagram with the hashtag #getlowfordave

Next week I will talk about black and white photography and a App that helps produce a great black and white photo by allowing you to control the light source position and angle.

As mentioned I would like to make this editorial an ongoing commitment, by building a little community of free exchange of thoughts, ideas, and sharing of photos between like minded iphoneography people.

In other words no posts by you = no posts by Dave


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