I Am No Less A Rebel

Are you the person speeding past me? Going 10 or 20 ks over the speed limit to get to whatever it is that’s more important than my safety?


I make the same drive to and from work everyday, as I’m sure many of you do. Perhaps you are driving to work when you tail me so closely you could hear my fm radio signal transmitted from my cigarette lighter. Perhaps you are taking your ten year old to school when you swing out, gesturing certain fingers in my direction, and align your car with mine.

Sometimes you glare at me before stomping on the accelerator and letting me eat your metaphorical dust. Sometimes we are eye to eye, for just a moment, like two drag racers and time stands still and I wonder everything about you; who loves you, whose waiting for you, who do you care about, what would you be missing out on if you were gone. I wonder if you wonder these things too. Or if you are just self assuredly reminding yourself that you are important. That you have some power in this world that often renders us powerless with the importance of unimportant things.

Well I say to you now, speeding driver, you are important. The decision you make every time you press down on the accelerator is important.

Value yourself. You don’t need to prove anything to the government. You don’t need to impress me with your fast car.

Value me. Don’t belittle me for following the speed limits. I am no less a rebel. Don’t judge me for getting up early enough to drive the speed limit all the way to work and arrive on time.

no one thinks big of you
No-one thinks big of you if you speed.

(This is a message from the RTA).

Do you disagree? Add your point of view as a comment below.


    1. Thanks “Bang”. Perhaps I am a rebel for going against the trend of everyone speeding… Or perhaps I am just a good girl with no real reason to rebel.

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