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Hey gang. Jess and I have been reviewing the statistics of our little website, and it would appear that some of you have been visiting us! We’re thrilled of course. Even if you’re here by mistake, or one of us coerced you sexually, it’s still nice to know that when we write something, there’s someone out there reading it.


But remember, if you like something you see (or something that repulses you entirely) don’t be shy! Use the comments section below and tell us just how deeply it delights/disturbs you. We may even have a contest, or give away some free stuff – whatever will entice you darling lurkers from your lurker-holes.


Speaking of which, a few nights ago I happened to watch a marvelously trashy French/Belgian horror film called La Meute (The Pack), in which an awful lot of people are torn apart by these guys.




Yes, that’s right: flesh-eating, shambling, cranial-faced zombie coal miners who can sniff out blood from beneath the earth despite a distinct lack of any olfactory organ. What I found particularly interesting, though, is that the film aired at the very same time as Pan’s Labyrinth, in which you’ll find this fellow.




Coincidence? I think not. Sure, he’s got some eye-hands going on there, and he lives in an elaborately furnished gothic dining hall rather than the blackened soil of a slag pit, but these two were clearly separated at birth.


What does this tell us about the human condition? Or the nature of life and death? Absolutely nothing, I would venture.


Also, I finally had a chance to see Gravity last night with family, and it was pretty fucking incredible, I don’t mind telling you. Sandra Bullock doesn’t look anything like these characters, I’m afraid – she has both nose and eyes – but I’ll review the film anyway, once I’ve had a chance to process it.


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  1. I was lurking about and found myself reading this post. I did find it to be a rather entertaining read without having been sexually coerced in any way. Although some of the images were hauntingly disturbing and did effect me deeply…

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