DIY Self Watering Pot Plants

I’ve been reading a lot about sustainable gardening and how to recycle regular household items in the garden. When I discovered that you can create self-watering pot plants out of old soft drink bottles, I was excited to give it a go.

JPEG image-D56036719309-1

You Will Need


Soft drink bottle (any size! as many as you want)

Cotton thread / string

Organic Matter Soil

Seeds / Plant





Threading Needle

Step 1 

Gather your soft drink bottle and cut piece of cotton.

selfwateringplant - 1

Step 2 

Cut your bottle in half. The half with the bottle cap will be filled with soil so be mindful of not cutting it too much larger.

selfwateringplant - 2

Step 3 

Use a hammer and nail to tap a hole in the lid. Take the nail out when there is a small hole all the way through.

selfwateringplant - 3

Step 4 

Thread your cotton through the hold in the lid. You many use a threading needle to help if needed.
Tie a loop or knot inside of the bottle lid, to stop the string from coming through.

selfwateringplant - 4

Step 5 

Screw the lid back on and turn the bottle upside down and place on top of the base.
Fill the base with water (not higher than the bottle cap).

selfwateringplant - 5

Here are three different bottle shapes with water and no soil! 

selfwateringplant - 6

Step 6 

Put soil in the top of the bottles. 
Add your seeds or plants as desired.

selfwateringplant - 7 selfwateringplant - 8

I’m testing out growing lettuce from seeds in here. 

selfwateringplant - 9

selfwateringplant - 10


Keep an eye on when your self-watering pot plants need watering and top up the catchment container as required.

selfwateringplant - 11


  1. I want a system for self watering in large pots.Around 3.5 feet tall and width by 3 feet side ways.Please share if you have any ideas about it.

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