DIY Drum Kit Garden

What can you do with an old drum kit that isn’t even worth giving away?

Turn it into a feature garden! 

Yes that’s right, my drummer wife and I decided to repurpose an old kit into a Drum Kit Garden! 

Here are the steps you can follow to do the same for your muso gardener! 

Drum Kit Garden

You Will Need:

Old Drum Kit

Soil / Compost (we used 3 x 25L garden soil and 2 x 25L compost)

Sugar Cane Mulch (enough for 10cm in all drums)

20m x 2m – Builders Plastic

Plants of your choice

Drummer’s tape (or gaffer tape!) 

Step 1

Gather the kit, remove the hardware.
Remove the top skins from all drums.

drum_kit_garden_ - 1 

Step 2

Gather supplies. We headed down to our local Bunnings to grab some extra soil and builders plastic.

drum_kit_garden_ - 2


Step 3

Cover the inside of the drums with at least one layer of builders plastic, bringing the opening in the plastic to the top edge of the drums.

Make sure there is enough plastic inside to have some give when soil is added (put more plastic bunched inside!).

Pierce a hole in the bottom of each drum and plastic to allow some water drainage. 

Put the top rim back on the drums to hold the plastic to the top of the drum. If the top ring is missing

Use drummer (gaffer) tape to attach the top of the plastic to the drums. 

drum_kit_garden_ - 3

drum_kit_garden_ - 4


Step 4

Put in a layer of sugar cane mulch (or gravel if you prefer).

drum_kit_garden_ - 5


Step 5

 Add your soil and compost in layers until you are at the top of your drums.

Add your plants and water.

Once well watered, add a layer of sugar cane mulch.

Water again.

drum_kit_garden_ - 6

drum_kit_garden_ - 7 

Step 6

Admire your hard work and enjoy your new drum kit garden !
drum_kit_garden_ - 10

drum_kit_garden_ - 9

drum_kit_garden_ - 8


drum_kit_garden_ before and after

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