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After settling in for a night of mindless television, I lucked upon Channel 10’s Come Date With Me. It appears this show has run almost every night since mid December. It’s basically like a mini The Bachelor, where five contestants are vying for the attention of one single person. Eliminations are based on feelings and mini competitions, with one unlucky suitor being cut on day one and the other four having an opportunity to impress on a solo date night throughout the week.

Coles, proudly supporting singles everyday

Coles, proudly supporting singles everyday

The only episodes I’ve seen so far, focusing on female business owner and nutritionist-to-be Jacqui, featured all the tropes of reality tv and had me hooked before the first add break. Who would be the lucky man to tame this family-orientated, natural cook’s heart? Would it be Canadian Ryan, whose major heartache in life came from having lesbian mums? Or would Aussie Ryan, surfer dude sick of cruising the blonde bimbo waves of the Gold Coast, smile his way into Jacqui’s heart?

Three Monkeys

Three Monkeys

A dinner is prepared by one of the singles, followed by awkward conversations fuelled by topical questions (“How many times have you said ‘I love you’?”). After this, a competition ensues, where vying suitors can earn ambiguous “points” to keep themselves in the game. During the first episode in the Jacqui arc, the men had to decorate a giant cupcake. I believe this task was chosen to accentuate the importance of cake decoration in relationships; clearly it’s the ingredients for a make-or-break moment. Quiet Nick shone by spelling out her name on his cake. Marriage material, ladies!

Greek Goddess Jacqui has the opportunity to find true love

Greek Goddess Jacqui has the opportunity to find true love

Though my own experience with dating has been limited, I think the entire premise of dating shows, that actions accrue points which lead to happiness, is unrealistic despite their inclusion in “reality tv”. During the first couple of dates, there might be triggers that turn you away (he goes shooting on the weekend, she collects toenails for fun) but often times these little gems don’t come to front until much later on, when you are waist deep in commitment. The same could be said about online dating, but perhaps that’s for another time.

Despite my intolerance to cheesiness, I’m keen to watch the men fall over themselves to impress Jacqui. I hope for true love to prevail, revealing itself in her final choice at the end of the week.


Oh and as a bonus, Come Date With Me doubles as a cooking show. Yes, all the recipes are available online! We’re all masterchefs now.


Come Date With Me is currently airing on Channel 11 at 7:30pm. If you want to go back and enjoy all the action, you can watch it now on Ten Play


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  1. I only thing I have to say is she should have picked Canadian Ryan he is a hottie and Aussie Ryan is rude. Canadian Ryan and talk better English than Aussie Ryan douche alert!!!!

    1. I dunno. Canadian Ryan got on my nerves a bit! Aussie Ryan didn’t seem very clever… Nick was my pick from day one! Until the great extreme sportsman reveal. But still – swimming with dolphins! Genius!

  2. So I just saw the recap of the final date with Aussie Ryan and Jacqui… no sparks there. Here’s hoping this week has more promising action!

  3. Fun read. I quite enjoy this show. Love to find the Banoffe Pie recipe of Sarah/Mantas ep.. You say recipes are available online…link please?

  4. Hi, I’m just watching the episode with aussie Ryan cooking, what was the DVD that he had which was causing controversy? I missed that part! Such a lame but fun show haha.

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