Come Date With Me – Behind the Scenes of “Greek Goddess”

I’ve been surprised by the popularity of my other post on Come Date With Me; regular recaps can now be expected!

But I’ve wondered if all you interested readers are actually just looking for more information on all the “stars”, as I did when I watched the first episode. So, for your delight, I’ve gathered a bunch of my research in one place!


Who Are They?

NB: This post features the “stars” of Greek Goddess Jacqui quest.


Canadian Ryan

Real Name: Ryan Burke-Gaffney (or Ryan Burke)

Online Presence: 

Ryan Burke – Personal Trainer / Model Facebook

This page isn’t updated much, but will give you some behind the scenes goss on Canadian Ryan.


Gold Coast Trainers Facebook

I’m betting that all the photos on this page belong to owner Canadian Ryan Burke-Gaffney.
Look for the tell-tale tattoo down the right side of his torso.


Nude Ryan Sells Property

Oh and there’s this real estate ad featuring none other than Canadian Ryan himself.



Real Name: Nick Binstead

Online Presence: 

Nick Binstead –  Facebook

Nick’s personal page proves he is a true water baby.






Real Name: Wade Boyes

Online Presence: 

Wade Boyes – IMDb

Wade has a legitimate IMDb profile like a real actor, with credits listed.


Wade Boyes – Website

This is Wade’s own website, including his history and links to other pages.


Wade’s Wedding

Aussie Ryan



Real Name: Ryan Evers

Online Presence: 

Ryan Evers Facebook

Access to Aussie Ryan’s Facebook with plenty of surfing images.


Brooke Evers Instagram

It also turns out that Aussie Ryan has a pretty famous model sister, Brooke Evers.


Greek Goddess Jacqui




Real Name: Jacqui Toumbas

Online Presence: 

Jacqui Toumbas Facebook

Jacqui values family, fashion and Compassion on her Facebook.


Get Fit Chicks

Jacqui also runs her own fitness blog with recipes, fit tips and girl talk.


Seems to be no hard evidence that any dates developed for Aussie Ryan and Greek Goddess Jacqui.

I can’t seem to locate any photos! Either nothing sparked, or they simply are keeping a very low profile.

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    1. I believe the episodes we are seeing were filmed nearly 18 months ago, so if anything came from it I’m sure it would be all over their Facebook profiles.

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