Come Date With Me -The Andrew Files


The latest Come Date With Me introduces us to Andrew, IT Specialist from Adelaide.

I’ve tracked down the real life faces behind the show.


The “Single” – Andrew

Real Name: Andrew Schultz

Online Presence: 

Andrew Schultz Facebook

Not many revealing photos here, although maybe Adelaide locals can catch Andrew at Apple Bar


Mr Right – Andrew

Andrew was in a local radio competition to be Mr Right. Click through for an interview and profile on Andrew
(and yes, his favourite food is cooked by his Nonna!)



Party girl Jodie (24)


Real Name: Jodie Dyer-Stephens

Online Presence: 

Jodie Dyer-Stephens –  Facebook

Jodie is not shy about her body or her opinions.





Jodie Dyer-Stephens – Professional Facebook

Jodie has a ‘likeable’ Facebook page as a radio announcer and DJ. Bonus videos of Jodie on Sunrise.


Sugacoat It

Jodie is also the director at Sugacoat It and features as one of their models.

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 8.36.37 pm



Academic Emily



Real Name: Emily Reeve

Online Presence: 

Emily Reeve – Facebook

Emily intelligently keeps things close to home on a pretty private Facebook.


Interview with an Academic

Emily was recently interviewed about her research and work.



Blonde Bombshell Adele




Real Name: Adele Binns

Online Presence: 

Adele Binns Facebook

Adele’s personal Facebook, with plenty of fun times.



Beauty Room On Broadway Facebook

This is where Adele spends most of her time, sharing the beauty around.


Italian Vanessa




Real Name: Vanessa Welchman

Online Presence: 

Vanessa Welchman Facebook

1920s style splashes all through Vanessa’s Facebook page.


At the moment, my money is on Blonde Bombshell Adele. What’s your thoughts?

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Also, my sister whipped up some Impossible Pie during the show that put Andrew to shame…


    1. I’ve looked up the MKR guy: Sam Newton from Victoria. Different last name but also not friends with Andrew on Facebook. No common links on the World Wide Web either. I’d say not related but just both smiley!

  1. Great bit of stalking carried out here….. love it 🙂

    Your guess was off though, and I picked Vanessa from the first minute we saw her.

    It was obvious that dweeb Andrew was just a little mama’s boy who probably hadn’t held a girl’s hand before he met Vanessa. The fact that he mentioned he had ‘one night stands’ was a total joke…. hookers don’t count!

    Vanessa was the typical ‘wannabe’ Italian girl ‘cos she is 1/10000th Italian down the gene pool, and Andrew knew he had to make mama Maria happy with a nice Italian looking girl.

    Either way, I’d say Vanessa quickly found out that Andrew is just a typical dork douche bag who would rather make tomato sauce with this grandmother than date a hot chick.

  2. Love the show! The winner though wasn’t Vanessa it was the three other girls, that guy Andrew was as emotionless as a dead fish!

  3. I can’t believe how unattractive, douchey, BORING and void of any personality whatsoever this wank Andrew is! I would have ditched the second he opened his mouth, if not sooner… Considering he’s damn ugly anyway. These girls deserve him if they are dumb enough to be attracted to him.

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