21 of Sarah’s Favourite Things

My sister Sarah is about to turn 21.

In the spirit of all things party-like, she decided that all guests should come as one of her favourite things.

In the spirit of being a blogger, here is the list she wrote up, with accompanying gifs.

1. Superman

If you are coming as Superman, please bring your own Lois… and Teri Hatcher is the preferred Lois!


2. Glitter and sequins and sparkly things


3. Fairy lights


4. Killer whales


5. Clark Kent

Obviously the person coming as Clark Kent has some options regarding costume progression.


6. Super villains


7. Peacocks


8. Hunger Games


9. Mythological creatures (Dragons, Phoenixes etc)


10. Hugh Jackman


11. Medieval – ladies and knights


12. Vampires

Sink your teeth into these pop culture Vamps.


13. Brave

Red hair, Scots and Bears, oh my!


14. Forests

I couldn’t resist personally including Ents in this category.


15. Honey

If showing up sticky isn’t your style, get your teacher on Miss Honey!


16. Spaghetti Bolognese

Add some meatballs to your favourite spaghetti straps and enjoy!


17. Katy Perry



Or you can show up as Katy Perry and a peacock!


18. Space / Galaxy /  Stars

Why not come as something out of this world?


19. Game of Thrones

So many Winter costumes…

20. Loki


21. Finnikin of the Rock

Either read the book beforehand and come as a character… or just simply come as the book!


Click here!

This is an Easter Egg. You’ll know what to do.



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