The Good Oil Espresso Bar felt like coming home. Their homemade treats inspired three visits in three days and I can’t say enough good things about them.

The conjunctive positives of this beautifully made, strongly themed and well scored movie definitely make it a must see for everyone. It will challenge you, inspire you and make you feel something special. And really isn’t that all you want in a movie?

Sex, drugs and plenty of money. Scorsese and DiCaprio push all the buttons in this ongoing party of a film that gives you a snapshot of how living it big really can be awesome. But maybe cost more than money can buy.

My admission is that I love Tina Fey. Oh, and I cried during this film. Watching Admission may further confuse you about the ongoing nepotism in the American college system. Or it may remind you how brilliant Tina Fey is.

Here was a book that was simply written yet had great character complexities and just got straight into the story without any fussing about. And now they’d made it into a movie…

Not only one of the most spectacular party games on the Wii U, but an excellent excuse to buy yourself a cat onesie. As if excuses were necessary.

Lady Gaga’s long awaited follow up to 2011’s Born This Way has been unleashed upon the world, and much to the delight of ‘Lil Monsters’ everywhere, ARTPOP is in keeping with Gaga’s direction. And that direction is weird. Very weird.