I’d Stay- “If I Stay” Review

If I Stay. 

Yes I would stay. Stay and watch it again. And probably again. 

For the past few months I have seen the trailer flood through my newsfeed and have (although I don’t like to admit it) gotten a little excited for this movie. It might surprise you to hear, but I love a good romance, comedy, or really any good movie -so it wasn’t a surprise to me when I fell in love with this movie. 

 I decided to review this movie by first giving it a rating, and then following through with a reason for each point given or taken away from the score. 

I will happily score If I Stay a good 7/9 Cellos. (You’ll get the Cello reference after you see it)  



 For the Seven Good Cellos:

1. Love Story

First things first (I’m the realist)- but really firstly, lets just start with the love story. Seriously, you can not beat a well written and acted love story between teens. One of the best things about this segmented portrayal of true love is that it not only displays the joys of being young and in love but it also deals with the inevitable struggles of growing up and it is refreshing to see a bit of raw emotion.

2. Family

I have been getting a bit sick of this ‘high class’, ‘rich, perfect parent’ thing thats been happening in movies lately. So when this movie displayed a deeper more accurate view of an everyday family- I was super pleased. Mia (the main character) parents are a breath of fresh air. They are down to earth, a bit crazy and give some of the best advice that I have on-screen parents say in while. 

3. Music

Okay so the music. The movie has quite a few themes that run parallel to each other throughout the film. One of these is the importance and significance of music in ones lives and the connection it can bring us to others. Music is the thing that both connects and brings distance between Mia and her parents. And is the thing that unite her and her love, Adam, together. I am super impressed by the effective use of music throughout the film, from Mia’s cello, to Adam’s rock and the continual intertwining of the two. Well woah! I loved it. Music is often used to enhance certain scenes, and in this film it definitely did. If you’re anything like me, the music will have you in tears. 

4. The Man

I know that I already spoke about it earlier, but I feel like it needs to be revisited: Adam. Played by Jamie Blackley, Adam is the perfect mix of what a girl looks for in a man. Devilish looks, cheesy smile, kind heart and ability to play guitar. But seriously, this character will captivate your heart and have you wishing you could date a rock star. Props to the creators of this film (and book) for also showing his weakness and vulnerabilities.  



 5. Cinematography.

Seriously I am a sucker for a beautiful forest scene and for a well shot movie. And this movie has both. I was excited to see how well this movie was made (apart from the opening scene- in which I was confused as to whether the screen at the theatre was faulty- turns out it was just that part of the movie). It brings me great joy when a movie has a flair of originality and creativity, so props to the director, R.J. Cutler,  for making a sweet as film. 

6. Feelings

Another thing this movie did well was conveying the sadness and grieving that occurs with death. I was impressed to see the accurate representations and informed acting. Although some of the acting wasn’t the best- over all it was pretty spot on. I liked that the film brought to the surface the inevitable questioning of life and death; something I have been exploring in my own works in recent. I think it is crucial for movies, books, tv shows etc. to start delving into these issues more as they are the issues that are prevalent to all of us and should be spoken about and explored. Recent books/movies like The Fault In Our Stars have done a good job at exposing the grittier side of life that are inevitable- and I am super glad.

7. Twi-Like

There is something about movies like Twilight that are beautiful. I hope you are not turned off by the reference to Twilight, but stick in a little longer. If you took all of the best, and loveliest scenes of Twilight, and removed all the lame stuff- you get this movie. Plus a heap more. And that, for me, was enough to give it another star.

Two Bad Cellos

-1. Baby Face

I swear Mia, who is played by Chloe Grace Moretz, looks twelve. She is stunning and in some parts looks like she could pass for sixteen. But for a large part of the movie I was put off by how young she looked, especially in comparison to her lover, Adam.

-2. Cliche

If we’re honest, the movie has some super cliche moments- and some flaws in the acting. Maybe I am being super picky (which I usually am, when it comes to observing movies) but I feel like these things could have been improved on. However, I still feel like the good features and good acting out ways these minor faults. 


Okay, so what is my final verdict? 

Well, I loved this movie. The conjunctive positives of this beautifully made, strongly themed and well scored movie definitely makes it a must see for everyone. It will challenge you, inspire you and make you feel something special. And really isn’t that all you want in a movie? 

 P.S. It actually made me cry more than The Fault In Our Stars- and that is saying something. 

So go see it, I know I’ll be Staying to watch it again. 




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