Dinorama – Free App Of The Week

The Verdict

Worth downloading for free! Do it! Create a Dinorama!Reading Level: 35 yrs

Seriously though, I believe the normal price is 99c. This is a worthwhile spend if you want to own a few dinosaurs (tamogotchi style) with the pressure of business management. Or if you are a parent of a 7-13 yr old kid and you want to slowly induct them into the finance world.

I have enjoyed almost every moment of the game and appreciated the funny little comments integrated into the game; the tour guide’s continued narration and the newspaper warnings of bad weather.

Wreck-It Ralph Experience

Hello Harry

Glitch, in red, on the wrong side of the fence

My gameplay experience included one glitch, where a visitor suddenly walked out of an invisible door on a level none of my other visitors could get too. I named her Glitch (original, I know) and tried to help her get back to enjoying her visit instead of being terrifyingly in the enclosures with my dinos. I had no success and let her carry out her preprogrammed missions. After a few moments I noticed she had managed to enter the photobooth with a normal level visitor. There was a camera flash and suddenly Glitch had become a giant. She suddenly was back on the level with all the other visitors, though T-Rex sized. Glitch was unable to leave the park but did manage to go on a Spaghetti Bolognese date at the cafe. I returned to maintaining my park and when I looked for her twenty minutes later, she had vanished

This is surely the only proof needed to know that Wreck-It Ralph was a documentary…

So I went into a photobooth and POOF

Size doesn’t matter


  1. “You start with a very little pile of money to buy a dinosaur and then the visitors start coming.”

    And how much does a dinosaur cost on the open market these days?

    1. Well, Hugh, the price starts at 50 Dinocoins. Not too pricey, when you consider it costs 5 Dinocoins to enter the park.

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