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The Feel


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I instantly was swept up in simulation memories… Sim City, The Sims, Zoo Tycoon…

We bought a zoo, one fence at a time

Oh Zoo Tycoon, how I loved you

And I know Dinorama is such a small scale operation compared to these old hats, but it manages to hold it’s own.

I played originally with the sound off. When switched on, I was surprised to find cheerful, situationally linked music and ambient natural dinosaur sounds. When you tap on a dinosaur, it responds with a noise. There are fixing noises, money noises (cha-ching), popcorn noises; a variety of sound effects to whet any young mind.

The interactivity extends beyond mere building and managing. The user can drag on clouds, revealing small animation sequences or carry around visitors, delivering to their whims. I incidentally flung one off the screen and managed to achieve a New Height Record (disturbingly over 150 ft), which set about a very mini game of me trying to fling them higher, only to have them bounce safely back on the ground unperturbed.


The Deductions


3/4 words incomprehensible to the average 4yr old

Dinorama is entirely touch screen and at times I found it frustratingly difficult to accurately tap on what I wanted. Either there were so many layers of characters, I couldn’t grab a repair button or I’d repeatedly pick up the wrong visitor, who was standing nearby the one I wanted. While this didn’t occur often, it impeded my gameplay and snapped me back to the reality.

There are also only five dinosaurs (with a sixth to be released in a later update) to own, which means I have almost reached the utmost completeness of the game after only a few hours gameplay. For a less dedicated player, the game would presumably last longer.

Also, the written instructions would have some young players calling for parental assistance every achievement, which could prove frustrating for both the player and parent.


  1. “You start with a very little pile of money to buy a dinosaur and then the visitors start coming.”

    And how much does a dinosaur cost on the open market these days?

    1. Well, Hugh, the price starts at 50 Dinocoins. Not too pricey, when you consider it costs 5 Dinocoins to enter the park.

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