Game wise, I’ve had an absolute blast with¬†Rayman Legends. It’s just the silliest and most charming platformer I’ve played in years. The hand-drawn characters and environments are beautifully animated and, unfettered by any sort of plot, every level is unabashedly ridiculous and self-referential.


There are, for example, a series of ‘music video’ levels where every jump, strike and contour is timed¬†perfectly to a series of song covers, such as “Black Betty”, “Eye of the Tiger” (in flamenco style), and even the 5, 6, 7, 8s’ “Woo Hoo”. It’s hilarious beyond description – see for yourself:



The biggest surprise of the week came from Heavy Rain, or more specifically, the fact that Mum happily sat and played it with me for an entire evening. She really got into it, puzzling over who she thought the Origami Killer might be (we haven’t reached the end yet, so nobody spoil it for me). The only problem was that she pictured the game as a real-time domestic simulator; when, for example, I instructed my character to go to the toilet, she demanded that I then have him flush and wash his hands, as if these oversights in hygiene would have a vital influence on the outcome of the narrative.

And they might, I suppose. It’s too early to tell.


She also proved a little distracting during really tense fight scenes. I tried to explain to her the concept of a quick time event, that I was simply trying to press the right button at the right time, and that her desperate cries of, “Kick him! Kick him!” or, “Hit him with the alarm clock!” weren’t especially helpful.


So, in all, not a bad holiday. I’m going to squeeze every last drop of inactivity out of the next few days, and try not to imagine what it’ll be like driving to work again this Saturday morning.




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