We took an old drum kit, added our green thumbs and made something new and beautiful!

Here is an interview with Entrepreneurs Heidi and Dan, who have started Native Newcastle – a ‘local’ way to do Tours.

The warmth of this chicken soup fills every inch of an unwell body & delights the soul – you will want to Leave Your Lover for the home cook that makes it!

An inspiring local artist showcases Newcastle’s iconic scenery with the sounds of local musicians.

Here is the first ever VLOG from The Blender. It’s one day, set to a soundtrack, for us to look on later in life.

The Good Oil Espresso Bar felt like coming home. Their homemade treats inspired three visits in three days and I can’t say enough good things about them.

Before having a beagle I knew that they were hounds and used as sniffer dogs. I now know beagles are stubborn, wilful and very clever. At least mine is!

The HSC isn’t the final ruling on your life as a whole… but it will really feel like it when you’re doing it!