Ulladulla offered up the best sting ray experience with a smattering of good views and beaches.

Libby and I have converted our 99′ Honda CR-V into a two person camper and are heading from our home town of Newcastle down the South Coast of NSW, taking our time to take in the sights.

Well done, Snickers, you’ve managed to explain why all builders are sexist… because they eat your chocolate!

I’ve been reflecting on Happiness. Read my ramblings and ruminate with me.

It’s a new year and I’ve got to get more fit. Physically, mentally, the whole shabang. Join me as I start my journey.

Some iphoneography basics for editing photos with your iPhone. Post your images on instagram with #getlowfordave

When caught in a weak moment, reality TV provides the escape of a lifetime.

So it’s New Years Eve, and I think everyone should be made aware of exactly what goes down at the biggest party of the year. So does John Green.

Where I talk about Christmas bingeing, Super Smash Bros Wii U, and Rick James, bitch.

My body and I have always understood each other fairly well. I try to eat a little better and exercise on occasion, and in exchange it won’t suddenly drop dead or expand like microwave popcorn. But it seems my body is no longer happy with our little arrangement, so it’s time to re-negotiate the terms.

I don’t want to be the Aussie associated with the phrase “oh here comes trouble” (though if used endearingly I will not object!), I came here to be la Parisienne. To drink the wine, kiss les mecs and flâner along the Seine on a cool evening. But then again, maybe I should embrace it.

All Pokémon are equal, but some Pokémon are more equal than others. There’s nothing Orwellian about Pokémon X/Y’s new ‘Wonder Trade’ feature.

Two consoles, both alike in dignity. And just days from their release, I’m still no closer to deciding between them.

Morbidity, some miserly hand-wringing, and why Lost Girl is my new favourite show.

It’s about time you put away the all high-and-mighty “I’m no tourist” babble and accept that you are visiting and experiencing this earth as new each day.

Shopping for costumes with your mother is scary enough. Seeing her in a halter top vampira dress with choker and fangs is another kind of horror entirely.

Just a few things I witnessed with my eyeballs: What Maisie Knew, The Best Offer, Rayman Legends, Heavy Rain.

Growing Up. The accumulation of all the experiences you had prior to having the desire to have any experiences. I had one of those moments today where being “adult” really hit me like a warm breeze in the face.

My first blog post. Is it sexier than Lord Byron? Of course not. Nothing is.

Welcome to Say it with Sangria, ladies and gentlemen. Pull up a chair. Pour yourself a glass. Just let it all out.