Ulladulla offered up the best sting ray experience with a smattering of good views and beaches.

Libby and I have converted our 99′ Honda CR-V into a two person camper and are heading from our home town of Newcastle down the South Coast of NSW, taking our time to take in the sights.

We took an old drum kit, added our green thumbs and made something new and beautiful!

With our wedding coming up, I decided to work through some feelings about how to give & receive, within the context of a wedding registry.

Here is an interview with Entrepreneurs Heidi and Dan, who have started Native Newcastle – a ‘local’ way to do Tours.

The warmth of this chicken soup fills every inch of an unwell body & delights the soul – you will want to Leave Your Lover for the home cook that makes it!

An inspiring local artist showcases Newcastle’s iconic scenery with the sounds of local musicians.

Here is the first ever VLOG from The Blender. It’s one day, set to a soundtrack, for us to look on later in life.

The Good Oil Espresso Bar felt like coming home. Their homemade treats inspired three visits in three days and I can’t say enough good things about them.

Round The Twist is now available to stream on Netflix Australia. I relive the wonder and enchantment that is good Australian TV.

Jennifer Knapp’s memoir Facing The Music is a soul-searching, earnest examination of the Christian music scene, self discovery and coming out as a lesbian.

Well done, Snickers, you’ve managed to explain why all builders are sexist… because they eat your chocolate!

I’ve been reflecting on Happiness. Read my ramblings and ruminate with me.

Sex, drugs and plenty of money. Scorsese and DiCaprio push all the buttons in this ongoing party of a film that gives you a snapshot of how living it big really can be awesome. But maybe cost more than money can buy.

If ever there were a time to run, it’s when you are being chased by Zombies! I have a look at Zombies, Run! 2, an interactive fitness game app (yes, healthiness and gaming together) and push myself to the limits.

It’s a new year and I’ve got to get more fit. Physically, mentally, the whole shabang. Join me as I start my journey.

Come Date With Me has IT Specialist Andrew choosing between blond bombshell Adele, academic Emily, party girl Jodie or Italian Vanessa while they dine and date!

When caught in a weak moment, reality TV provides the escape of a lifetime.

My admission is that I love Tina Fey. Oh, and I cried during this film. Watching Admission may further confuse you about the ongoing nepotism in the American college system. Or it may remind you how brilliant Tina Fey is.

There are so many brilliant one liners in Easy A, I can’t even get gifs for all of them. But I’ve done my best.

So it’s New Years Eve, and I think everyone should be made aware of exactly what goes down at the biggest party of the year. So does John Green.

I have recently finished devouring two novels and found myself surprised by the parallels. Despite the 27 years difference in publishing dates, both novels equally hit home for me.

If you haven’t seen it yet, say STICK IT to whatever else you had planned and watch this gym-nasty movie right now.

Richard Curtis woos me as only a mastermind British writer can… with underlying comedic genius!

Should we criticise Glee for not dealing with the serious addiction that caused Monteith’s death? Or should Glee be praised for dealing with the serious aftermath of its influence – grief. I try to make sense of one of life’s big issues.

When struck down with an earache, sore throat and temperature, I did what any iPhone owner would do… downloaded a game.
Here’s the review of Dinorama, Free App of the Week.

S.H.I.E.L.D opens with an ordinary dad climbing up a burning building and saving people’s lives, no equipment needed. The sheer epicness that Marvel comfortably owns is breathed to life for the small screen… and I’m loving it.

Growing Up. The accumulation of all the experiences you had prior to having the desire to have any experiences. I had one of those moments today where being “adult” really hit me like a warm breeze in the face.

A few tasty Chuck gifs to remind you why you miss watching Chuck, everything you love about Chuck, everything you don’t love about Jeff and why you need to rewatch Chuck right now…

Julia Zemiro brings that exuberance and authenticity to her new somewhat self-titled ABC show Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery.