Last week I dismissed Warframe as a somewhat forgettable game. One week and a hundred hours of playtime later, I’m ready to admit that I was very, very wrong.

This is the story of a man named Stanley. But you are Stanley, the story is a farce, and everything you know about stories and video games is a lie.

Where I talk about Christmas bingeing, Super Smash Bros Wii U, and Rick James, bitch.

My body and I have always understood each other fairly well. I try to eat a little better and exercise on occasion, and in exchange it won’t suddenly drop dead or expand like microwave popcorn. But it seems my body is no longer happy with our little arrangement, so it’s time to re-negotiate the terms.

Not only one of the most spectacular party games on the Wii U, but an excellent excuse to buy yourself a cat onesie. As if excuses were necessary.

St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) has announced the upcoming release of her new, self-titled album. She’s frocked up like an intergalactic empress and armed with some dirty, dirty guitar.

All Pokémon are equal, but some Pokémon are more equal than others. There’s nothing Orwellian about Pokémon X/Y’s new ‘Wonder Trade’ feature.

“Sin is a choice,” reads the tagline of Cormac McCarthy’s latest film. I’d say it’s more of a calling.

Two consoles, both alike in dignity. And just days from their release, I’m still no closer to deciding between them.

Morbidity, some miserly hand-wringing, and why Lost Girl is my new favourite show.

Shopping for costumes with your mother is scary enough. Seeing her in a halter top vampira dress with choker and fangs is another kind of horror entirely.

Just a few things I witnessed with my eyeballs: What Maisie Knew, The Best Offer, Rayman Legends, Heavy Rain.

After releasing three studio albums under the imperious mantle of Sony Music, Kate Miller-Heidke is finally going it alone as an independent artist – and she needs your help.

Quantic Dreams have released a playable demo of their upcoming PS3 title. It’s the touching story of a girl and her homicidal poltergeist.

My first blog post. Is it sexier than Lord Byron? Of course not. Nothing is.

It’s official: as of yesterday, Imogen Heap’s long-awaited new album has a name and a release date. Sparks is set to be released on March 3rd, 2014, and a pretty incredible deluxe box set has also been announced for earlier release on February 24th.

Wentworth Miller’s first screenplay is a delightful (and somewhat disturbing) family reunion.

I’m no stranger to Rockstar games. I know how these things go. And when I purchased Grand Theft Auto V yesterday and brought it home, I had already prepared my mind and body for the rigours of the experience.

Welcome to Say it with Sangria, ladies and gentlemen. Pull up a chair. Pour yourself a glass. Just let it all out.